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Southern California's Home for Vintage Formula Ford Racing

The History of Formula Ford

Formula Ford is a an entry-level class of single seater open-wheel racing that first started in England in 1967, and arrived in the USA in 1969. The various championships held across the world form an important step for many prospective professional drivers. It allows freedom of chassis design, suspension components, bodywork, and numerous items on the car. This opens the door to many chassis manufacturers.

A Formula Ford is a distinctive looking open-wheel race car because it does not have wings to create aerodynamic downforce. The chassis are steel space frame, engine is the iconic 1600 Crossflow Kent engine, with a Hewland 4 speed transaxle, and spec tires for affordable and close competitive racing from amateur club to pro drivers alike.

Formula Ford Drivers Club is About the...


Join the Formula Ford Drivers Club racing fraternity of friends and family. Enjoy the always fun Saturday evening pot luck BBQ and reminisce of the weekends on track adventures. We strive to help each both on and offtrack by either lending a hand, a wrench, or advice. The goal of every event is to have fun with friends and bring the car and yourself home safe.

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Each Race weekend the Driver Challenge run group offers a safe and sanctioned event for our drivers. We have points races both Saturday and Sunday where podium awards are presented and each driver collects points in their class for Vintage, Club, or Modern Formula Ford. At the end of the year the Driver Challenge Championship is awarded to driver with the most points. 


We race hard, fair, and safe. We recognize that every driver has different limits, and strongly encourage every driver to stay with in their safe limits and respect the limits of other on track. We abide by the vintage Formula Ford rules used across the nations top organizations and every driver must follow the race weekend sanctioning body rules and race marshaling. 


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How to Join the FF Drivers Club 

Our number one goal is to increase the number of Formula Fords racing on the West Coast. We all share a passion for Formula Fords and would like to continue to give the Fords a safe, fun, and competitive place to race. 


The Formula Ford Drivers Club is an invitation-only, or driver referral club that will promote a series of challenge races for Vintage Formula Fords, and will be hosted by multiple sanctioning bodies including, VARA, SVRA, and SCCA. We all share a passion for Formula Fords and strive to continue to give these Formula Fords a safe, fun and competitive place to race.


The group consists of 3 separate classes of Formula Fords (Ford “Kent” engines only) cars manufactured from 1967 to 2008, all running on the same spec Hoosier VFF treaded tire. 

Historic Ford – First generation 1967 – 1972 (see rules for specific list of eligible chassis)

Club Ford – Second Generation 1973 – 1981 (inboard suspension on one end only, see rules)  

Formula Ford – 1982 – 2008 (or any chassis with inboard suspension on both ends)

The guiding principles of the group can be summarized by four fundamental cornerstones:

  • Promote growth and preservation of the historically significant Formula Ford class.

  • Provide a safe and competitive venue for racing in Formula Ford only run groups.

  • Build a community of sportsmanship, integrity, and camaraderie between fellow competitors.

  • To have fun, with a minimum of hassle, drama and politics.


Group membership will be by invitation only and contingent upon adherence to the group principles and rules as well as individual conduct on and off the race track. 


For more information, please contact us: