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Formula Ford 50th with VARA

A Celebration of the first ever Formula Ford race in the United States

On March 23rd, 1969 was the first ever Formula Ford race in the United States and was held at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA. Exactly 50 years later on the weekend of March 22-24 the Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) in Conjunction with Formula Ford Drivers Club (FFDC)will celebrate this historic event at Willow Springs International Raceway.

The event will be open to all years (1967-2019) of Formula Ford cars powered by the Ford (1600cc Kent) engine. We will also be inviting the FF2000/ Formula Continental cousins utilizing the Ford (2000cc Pinto) engine to participate.

This event is designed to be a celebration of the great history of Formula Ford racing with close competitive racing throughout the field. Competitors should prepare their cars as closely as possible to the appropriate Monoposto, FFDC, or SCCA rules as applicable. That said we understand that different clubs have different rules and we will strive to be as inclusive as possible.

Note: VARA along with FFDC will be responsible for car eligibility, modification, and class designation. They will have the authority to Exclude or reclassify any entrant-based configuration, modifications, performance, etc.

Friday will be the all-day Formula Ford celebration day with a minimum of 3 sessions (maybe 4 sessions) for each group on track as well as crossover opportunities. There will also be a fun end of day mixed class pursuit race for approx. 40 entries selected from the different classes.

Saturday and Sunday all Formula cars will join the normal VARA run groups with those on treads running in the FF only run group. No crossovers entries will be allowed on Saturday and Sunday.

Depending on the number of entries and distribution we plan for up to 4 classes.

Historic Ford- 1967-1972, Treaded Tires Club Ford- 1973-1981, Treaded Tires Post Club Ford- 1982-2019, Treaded Tires

Allowable FF Treaded Tires- Hoosier VFF, Avon A25, Dunlop CR82 9092, Toyo R888

Weight (all FF cars/ all tires)- 1110 lbs with driver Formula Continental/ FF2000 (Any year with Pinto Engine), Slick Tires Allowable FC/ FF2000 slick tires- TBD

For more info contact Kim Madrid at FFdriversclub@gmail.com

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